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Krk - in the country

Krk, island pop. 16,402, 407 sq km, the largest island of the Adriatic sea. The chief town, Krk, has retained its medieval walls and castle and has a 13th-century Roman Catholic cathedral.

map Krk Krk is the most "green" island in this area but is also called the Golden island - "Zlatni otok" - it deserves that name !

The record of the thousand-year history of Krk lies in the mosaics of the Roman thermal baths and the simplicity of old Croatian churches, the wealth of Glagolitic monuments, the heritage of the Frankopan counts of Krk and the paintings of the Venetian masters.

The island of Krk has a special meaning for Croatia. For centuries it was the center of Croatian literacy and the cradle of the Croatian language. The Baska Tablet, one of the oldest Croatian written documents, is evidence of it.

There are famous tourist centers: Malinska, Punat with the largest marina on the Adriatic, and Vrbik located on a 50 m high cliff and a real attraction for painters. For centuries it was the center of Glagolitic literature on Krk. Baska is also an important tourist center on Krk with a history from the early years of this century.

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Island of Krk

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