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Beach on Jersey Channelislands

Jersey, island pop. 100.000, 118 sq km, largest of the Channel Islands. Capital: Saint Helier. The mild climate (plants requiring subtropical conditions grow without protection), the moderate rainfall (30-35 in./76-89 cm) and the scenery have contributed to make Jersey, like other Channel Islands, a vacation resort.

Guernsey, island pop. 65.000, 78 sq km, in the English Channel, second largest of the Channel Islands. Guernsey includes Alderney, Sark, Herm, Brechou, Jethou, and smaller islands. Guernsey has a low beach in the north and rocky cliffs along the south shore. The shipping and distributing center and chief town is Saint Peter Port. Exports include dairy products, fruits, flowers, vegetables, and Guernsey cattle. It is a tourist site.

map Channelislands I considered Castle Cornet to be the most interesting historical attraction on Guernsey.

The Channel Islands have a history of changing hands between the French, the English, and, in World War II, the Germans. (They were the only part of the United Kingdom to be occupied by the Germans, and they were not recaptured: the Nazis surrendered them at the end of the war.) Castle Cornet reflects this history. Each new ruler added his own layer, from around 1200 until the 1960's, when the castle ended its long career as a military fortress and started its new career as a tourist attraction. Castle Cornet now has a historical museum, which concentrates especially on the war years, with bizarre items like the local newspapers in German.

The Isle of Sark lies east of Guernsey. The total area is 5,5 sq km. Automobiles are prohibited on the roads of Sark. Horse-drawn carriages are common means of transportation. The island may be reached only by boat.

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