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Mull and Iona
small islands in Scotland

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Tobermory Isle of Mull Copyright picture: Partan Man

Mull, island, 351 sq mi (909 sq km), Argyll and Bute, NW Scotland, largest island of the Inner Hebrides, separated from the mainland by the Sound of Mull and the Firth of Lorn. The land is mountainous, rising from the deeply indented coast line to 3,169 ft (966 m) at Ben More.

Mull has gardens and farms. Tobermory, a summer resort, is the chief town. Several medieval castles still stand.

map Scotland Iona, island, pop. 267, 3.5 mi (5.6 km) long and 1.5 mi (2.4 km) wide, Argyll and Bute, NW Scotland, one of the Inner Hebrides. Separated from the island Mull by the Sound of Iona, it is hilly, with shell beaches.

Farming, livestock grazing, and fishing are carried on, but tourism is the main industry.

The island is famous as the early center of Celtic Christianity. St. Columba, with his companions, landed there from Ireland in 563. They founded a monastery, which was burned by the Danes in the 8th or 9th cent. Iona was a bishopric from 838 to 1098. In 1203 a Benedictine monastery, of which there are remains, was established. The cathedral, formerly the Church of St. Mary, dates from the early 13th cent. The cemetery of St. Oran's Church contains the graves of many monarchs of Scotland, Ireland, Norway, and France.

A group called the Iona Community (est. 1938), dedicated to reviving the spirit of Celtic Christianity, has restored many ancient buildings.

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